My friend, Patty

(This is an old (last year!) unpublished post I found.  Sorry for the delay!)

Not too long ago I got to visit the ultimate of friends.  Patty.

She was my roommate for 7 years.  Who in their right mind can live for anyone for seven years beyond their spouse?  We lived together from 2004 until 2011.  We like to live on the wild side.
We have had many adventures together.
Numerous apartments.
Meals together.
Silent treatments.
Boy conversations.
Job changes.
Roommate changes.
The laughs and inside jokes abound.
7 years of life together!  Wowza!
And now weddings.  She got married last year and now lives far away.

It's fair to say that I had some separation anxiety.
I'm in denial that I will have to go through it again with my new roommates, but that's besides the point.
I visited her recently and I told her I'd post pictures of all the hard work she's done making her hubby's house a home.  She worked HARD.
Her lovely dining area.
Her kitchen.
I love her kitchen.

You can see before and after pics on her fridge.

Thrift store finds that fit perfectly.

Where all the magic happens!  Her stove still works! 

The living room and ANNIE!

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