Oh, well, when you put it that way.

Oh sweet summer.
I've got 13 interns on my plate.  Aren't they cute?
Props to Kim Mc. for the picture!

So far, I've picked blueberries with friends and Sara and I taught Brackett how to swim.  I laughed so hard in both instances.

I'm in the middle of reading a sweet sweet book by my friend Jo Saxton.
I owe her a BIG book review (which will be coming this summer!), but for now, I'll leave you with a taste of what I'm currently chewing on.

It's not that our gifts and talents, our opportunities, our potential influence, our position or role are insignificant.  But we'll need more than this if we are going to be leaders.  We need whole and healthy hearts.  Why?  Well, in part it's because our loving heavenly Father wants this for all his children, regardless of who or what we become.  But in terms of leadership and influence, it's also because if your calling was a building, then the state of your heart functions like the foundation.  If they are whole and strong, then the building stands firm, no matter what happens.  If the foundations are broken, rotten, weak or incorrectly positioned, the building is already vulnerable.  The foundations compromise the whole building.  It could crumble around you, leaving nothing but dust and rubble.  If we are serious about embracing God's life for us, we need to both look at and invest in our foundations- our hearts.  Our gifts, roles and opportunities won't hid our weaknesses, not forever.  On the contrary, in the end they often reveal who we truly are.  We'll express our hearts in our speech, attitudes, choices, relationships and roles.

If you really want to know more about what Jo is unpacking here, you should order her book.  Men and women a like will find it so valuable as she dives into the leadership foundations needed in life, no matter who you are.  It's rich.  It's challenging.  It's exciting to read a new perspective on discipleship.  Dare I say: It's more than enchanting??

Do it.

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